Music (printed notes & audio)

note to members: Here you'll find printed sheet music, audios and videos. If you find broken links, please let me know, and if you have additional sheet music or other materials that belong here, please forward them to me and I'll get them on this site.

Amaxoxo: Sop1 Sop1 Ten1 Bar Bar Bass RainForest

Banua: Sop1p1 Sop1p2 Ten1P1 Ten1P2 Ten2P1 Ten2P2 Bar Bass

Blue Moon: all parts

Chemwanyera Sop1Bass Sop2Bar Ten2Bar

Chentangere Ten1Ten2 Ten2Bass BassBar

Chipendani Ten1 Ten1Ten2Bar Ten2Bass Sop2BarHosho

Chiradza Bass Bass Sop1Bass Sop2BarBass Sop2T12Bar

Chopsticks all parts

Hapana Basic Sequence(upd6/21/17) Sop2TenBass Ten1Bar

In the Mood Bass Bar Hosho Sequence Sop1 Ten1

Jamaica Farewell BarBass Misc

Kapotso Basic Tenors

Kukiawa Sop1Bar

Kupenga SequenceBar Sops1Sop2Ten1Ten2 Ten2BarBass

La Bamba Bar Sop1Sop2 Ten1Bass Sop2

Maimbo Bar Sop1Ten2 Ten1 Ten2 Ten2Again

Muti Sop2 Sop2Bass Ten1Ten2BarBass

Ncuzu Sop1 Ten1 Ten2 Bar BarMisc

Nyungwe SopTen BariBass

Ranchera all parts

Rugare Mangwannani Bass Sop2Bar Ten1

Siyakudumisa Sop1 Sop2 Ten1Ten2 BarBass

Skokiana Ten Sop1Ten2Bass Bar

Strutting Lizzy Misc BasicVars Sop2

Tokonyeh SeqSop LeadMisc S2 ST2BarBass

Wemoweh Sop1 Sop2 Sop2Bass TEn2 Bar

When I'm 64 all parts

Zindikaiwa all parts


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